EANE is working closely with our member organizations to ensure that they are able to continue to offer a compliant and healthy work environment that keeps employees engaged throughout the present COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Administration Resources

The resources on this page are available to member organizations and non-member organizations alike. Members are encouraged to leverage the “member only” resources outlined in our Coronavirus Toolkit as well as the help of our certified HR Professionals on the Member HR Hotline.

Don’t Miss Our Online Learning Opportunities to Navigate COVID-19 Employer Responsibilities

Here’s What You Can Count On From EANE

Updated March 17, 2020

Please know that you can rely on EANE for support during these uncertain times.  Here’s what you can count on from us:

  • EANE will continue to provide top-quality member services.
    • Our office is open.  Our staff is equipped to work remotely. Whether our staff is in the office or working remotely, they’re all equipped to continue offering our member organizations the support you’ve come to expect from EANE. If you need any assistance in implementing a remote work policy for your organization, please call us.
    • The HR Hotline will be available and staffed by a live HR advisor as always.
    • All events with 10 or more participants will be rescheduled or moved to a web based platform during the upcoming weeks (where this is appropriate).  
  • EANE will keep our members informed of the latest state and federal guidelines and recommended actions related to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus situation.  
    • We are regularly updating this page on our website.
    • We are regularly updating our Coronavirus Toolkit with valuable resources for navigating these extraordinary circumstances. This toolkit is an EANE member benefit. Member login on the EANE website is required in order to access this resource. 
    • We are working with our partners to schedule webinars to address many of the compliance-related questions that employers have around the COVID-19 response.  Please watch for dates.

EANE’s core purpose is to support our member organizations and empower employers throughout the NorthEast. Our mission in times like this is to equip our members to wisely respond to change as you lead your organization through these dynamic circumstances. We will continue taking a pre-emptive, proactive stance and urge you to do the same.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please call the HR Hotline at 877.662.6444 to let us know how we can support you through these challenging circumstances.