Developing Team Leaders

Article contributed by Val Harlow, EANE

Team Lead, Group Leader, Cell Lead, Lead People-whatever title they have they play an important role in an organization.  They are the eyes and ears for managers on a production line, behind a teller line, in a health care organization, or in a non-profit.  This role helps the organization to meet deadlines, ensures goals are achieved and processes run smoothly. 

Because they play such a vital role, their development is so important for an organization.  But the kind of development is different from other roles in an organization.  A practical skill-based training approach with tools they can apply directly is the best strategy. 

Skills like communication, conflict resolution, self-awareness and giving feedback are the foundation for a lead role.  These skills will help them in their current role but also get them ready to move into manager/supervisor roles. They will build a foundation that can be layered on as they progress in the organization.

EANE’s Leadership Skills for Lead People program has been recently revised to provide the foundational needs of the Lead role.  Topics like Becoming a Leader, Communication Skills, Self-Awareness & Adaptability, Giving Feedback, Managing Conflict is the new line up.  This interactive, skills-based program provides practical focus on the critical areas that leads need to be successful.