Day 3 Of Principles Of Leadership For Supervisors & Managers

Situational Leadership is probably the best known and certainly the most widely used leadership process in the world.  Based on research carried out by Dr. Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, Situational Leadership has provided over 10 million managers with the tools needed to lead effectively in an increasingly complex world.  Learn how to adopt a leadership style that generates heightened performance and improved productivity in any situation.

This training leverages the findings of a DiSC® assessment tool which participants complete before the training series begins.

Who Should Attend

Front-line supervisors, managers and professionals in any industry

Learning Objectives

  • Use the Situational Leadership model to assess employee ability and motivation
  • Identify specific actions to take based on employee ability and motivation
  • Target opportunities for employees to learn new skills, take on greater responsibility and become more engaged
  • Practice training employees using a 4-step adult learning process
  • Receive feedback on the clarity of your training techniques

HRCI™ & SHRM® Credits: 6.5

Credits for this training are HRCI™ Business Credit eligible.

To register for this class as an individual training (rather than as a part of the 5-day series) please call 877.662.6444 for available dates and locations.