Powering Through | Save Your Time & Sanity

To Power Through: to continue in a strong and determined way until the end of something. An HR Power Hours session is set up to help our members complete both those expected and unexpected things that happen in the world of HR.

Words From a Power Hours User

“I contacted The EANE as I had a project ahead of me that I could not untangle.  I needed to work with an existing generous Paid Time Off policy and coordinate it so that it would work with our new Private Plan Paid Family Medical Leave.  There were so many moving parts to consider, I found it difficult to find a starting point. 

I enlisted the help of EANE’s Power Hours so that I would have a direct and focused conversation with Barbara Piucci, and discuss a few different options that I could present to our CEO.  In this one hour, we discussed some of the finer points of the PFML, what we hoped to achieve, what we have now, and how we can successfully put it all together into a policy that would be fair to the bank and our employees. 

Barbara provided insight on best practices, and also saw varying sides of different options.  We accomplished so much in one hour, and she gave me clear direction on where to go from here.  After I do a bit of “homework”, we will regroup to fine-tune and make this project a reality.  Thank you Barbara, for saving my time and sanity.”

-Terri Brophy, Sr. Vice President Human Resources Officer, Dean Bank

An HR Power Hours session is an affordable, two-hour-long working session with one of EANE’s HR Business Partners from the HR team to tackle whatever topic you need.  Together with the HRBP, you will define what needs to be accomplished and then power through it together to the end.

A CFO, newly hired into a privately owned and growing business, sought HR expertise from EANE to help in building HR practices and policies that align with the company’s culture and goals while complying with employment regulations. He knew this would be an ongoing process. The first session worked through an initial defining of the culture and developed a list of the top compliance issues needing attention. Additional HR Power Hour sessions are set for every six weeks going forward to move the projects to completion in well thought out, bite-sized and manageable segments.

In comparison, think of a Hotline call as a mini HR Power “Minutes” session. With the Hotline, members access HR expertise in an easy-to-use, targeted phone call to answer that pressing question. That’s helpful at the moment, but you may hang up realizing there is a larger issue looming under the surface that you just can’t quite wrap your mind around to see the answer or find the time to do it alone. This is when an HR Power Hours session comes into play.

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