Why Your Business Needs Veterans in the Workforce

This Veteran’s Day, we would like to thank the men and women who have served our country in the US Armed forces. Without their bravery and commitment, we would not enjoy the safeties and comforts that are so easily taken for granted.

In our work of helping businesses improve their results by providing staffing, compliance and skill development solutions – we have a front-row view of the benefits that companies gain when they employ veterans. The work ethic and skills that veterans bring to civilian operations can save organizations time and money in ways that they never expected. Men and women who have served in the military are trained leaders who know how to make informed decisions that support their goals. They’ve often been cross-trained in multiple skills and have demonstrated a commitment to following protocol and chain of command. While teaching these skills to employees in the private sector is a valuable investment, it takes time and costs money.

During this time of low unemployment rates and a looming talent shortage, employers would be wise to embrace a recruiting strategy that seeks the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Our veterans are not only bringing a great work ethic and a commitment to team success into the private sector; the majority of our veterans are also bringing multicultural experiences and technological expertise that can improve the growth mindset of any business.

Employers Association of the NorthEast is happy to assist your organization in the development of a recruiting strategy that intentionally seeks veterans as candidates. We can help with everything from job description designs, candidate sourcing and skill assessments that demonstrate your organization’s veteran-friendly work culture. You can select which components of the recruiting cycle you need us to perform. Click here to learn more about our suite of recruiting services that can help you grow your business with the talents of a US Military veteran.