Change is Constant. How Do We Remain Positive, Productive & Effective?

Article contributed by John Henderson

Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating the Totally Responsible Person® program to three different organizations. One of the first slides I use in the program states the purpose of the course is to “Stay Positive, Productive and Effective – No Matter What the Circumstances!”  This slide always makes me stop and reflect on how the meaning of this statement has changed during the pandemic.  How much more difficult is it for any of us to remain positive, productive and effective while juggling all the changes that have come about since COVID struck.

Words that have become commonplace in today’s workplace – agility, flexibility, juggling, nimble, etc. These words are especially true for HR professionals who have been at the center of changes from the very beginning of the pandemic. They had to implement new health and safety requirements, support staff in a new way (virtual in many instances), understand how to navigate all the new federal, state and local guidelines, and, above all, stay positive.

As organizations look ahead, it’s critical to look at what’s changed, what will continue to change, and how this will all impact the organization. According to Josh Bersin, “HR teams are inventing new ways to work, new models for jobs, new ways to learn, and new ways to pay, incent and reward people.”

With so much on the plate of an HR professional, it is important to find inspiration for all that has been accomplished during this unprecedented time. The role of HR has changed, and while always being an integral piece of every organization’s success its contributions have become vital to the life of an organization. As we have all learned to work in the COVID world we need to make the mental shift (if you haven’t already) to reimaging the future.

At EANE’s Inspire HR | Reimagine the Future conference starting on November 2, keynote speaker Ted Ma will share his thoughts on making the mental shift and discuss key attributes that separate top performers from everyone else. He focuses his insight on passion, purpose and potential Breakout sessions will cover topics on reimagining the employee experience, as well as, reimagining HR’s role moving forward. We all need to take time to reflect on what we have accomplished and celebrate our contributions – to quote Robin Sharma “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.

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