Don’t Wait For Employees to Sign Their Union Cards

Do You Know What You Would Do If a Union Showed Up At Your Door?

Do you know that it is more expensive to operate a unionized business than one that is not unionized?

While the numbers vary (depending upon the size of the business and industry), studies have pegged the additional cost at anywhere from 25% to 35% more to the bottom line.  In this day and age of running lean and optimizing margins (either to maximize profits of shareholders or to reinvest into your business in order to remain competitive and grow), that added cost may be more than what many can bear.

Being the target of a union organizing drive can be a shock to a company’s system, its culture and to the relationships between management and employees and even between employees as well.  For many businesses, they do not know where to begin and how to respond.  What can they say?  What is out of bounds?  Who should be crafting these messages?  How do you maximize your company’s strengths?  How do you minimize the impact of your company’s weaknesses?  Who should be delivering these messages to employees?

There are many issues and questions to tackle in a very short period of time and the messages have to be on point and impactful to the specific business being targeted for them to be effective. 

Yet, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) does not give you much time.  While the Board has been revisiting many of its policy interpretations, the Board’s “quickie election” procedures remain; allowing for the expedited handling of union elections in a matter of 2 -3 weeks on average.  That leaves precious little time for a company to respond effectively. 

The moral of the story is that companies need to be proactive in knowing what they can and cannot do and how they would respond to such a situation.   EANE’s “What to Do When The Union Comes Knocking” class is designed to help employers do exactly that – understand how they can plan for and respond to an organizing campaign where there is very little time to do so. Plan to join us on December 10th to make sure that your leaders, HR team, managers and supervisors don’t get caught off guard by a visit from a Union representative.

It is a program that you cannot afford to miss.