Not understanding an employment law is no excuse for the company damage, time lost or potential legal and financial repercussions that could ensue if an organization fails to uphold local and federal legal and regulatory mandates. At EANE, we are committed to helping you build engaged, well-managed and low-risk workplaces through human resources and management advice, survey data, ready-to-use HR templates, training and consulting. The Employer’s Compliance Corner blog is the newest series of compliance support that we’re happy to offer to organization leaders who are trying to do the right thing!

Meet The Author

Mark Adams is the Director of Compliance at Employers Association of the NorthEast. A frequent writer and speaker throughout the region, Mark guides management-level and C-suite professionals on topical issues ranging from drug testing to FMLA to employee vs. independent contractor laws. He is the primary author of EANE’s member e-alerts, keeping members in-the-know about pending legal and regulatory developments critical to the workplace.

Check back frequently to read up on the hot compliance topics that Mark has made easy to understand in these quick-to-read, easy-to-understand blog posts!