Invest in Your Career, Invest In YOU!

Article contributed by Pam Thornton

We spent 2020 hunkered down, taking care of everyone at home and at work in an effort to keep everyone safe. Juggling it all was nothing less than a whirlwind.  Maybe some of this time in solitude gave us time to reflect and look forward to a better year of opportunity, stability and growth. Traditionally, this is the time when we make resolutions for the new year that include everything from going on a diet to getting a new job.  The most important thing that we can do is take care of ourselves inside and out and earning an HR Certification is one way to invest in your career and your own personal and professional development that you may want to consider.

Even if you are already in an HR role, spending the time and the expense to obtain an HR Certification is a commitment that can set you apart from your peers and can increase your professional confidence.  It is a way to prove you have the knowledge and the skills to move up and around in your career. During these turbulent times, having the ability to leverage your career with an HR Certification or even negotiate a higher salary in your current role can be beneficial and extremely rewarding. 

I have spent over 20 years in human resources and have held HR Certification for over 15 of those years.  Not only has it helped me in the process of taking on more progressive roles in my career, but it has also provided me with job security in some instances when organizations have had to make tough decisions about who to keep on staff and who to let go.

In 2019, Payscale reported that 34% of all HR professionals had at least one HR Certification and 29% reported that certification gave them a greater chance of getting a promotion. Being certified can help you lobby for that promotion or provide you with the credentials to take that next step in your career to get the manager role that you have been looking for.  Many open positions often include SHRM-CP or PHR as a “strong plus” or say, “Certifications for Human Resource Professionals preferred,” in their advertising. This can help give you a boost against the competition and show a recruiter that you are serious about your career in human resources.

There are several types of certifications you can get and ways that you can obtain them.  Here is a simple chart that shows what some of the differences are between various levels of HR Certification. The investment of time and the costs vary. Going through the thought process of deciding what is right for you is exciting and can be very empowering at the same time. The question you have to start with is…Why do you want to be certified?  Then, make the “T” chart of the plus and minuses of certification for you. 

2021 is the year to carefully consider your career path and how an HR Certification can benefit you.  YOU and your professional career are worth it! EANE is starting our 10-week certification prep class and our aPHR Certification Boot Camp series in February.