Great Leaders Don’t Require Formal Presentations to Learn

Some people are visual learners, some people are auditory learners, while others can only master the knowledge of a subject or process once they’ve experienced it. When professionals attend formal training experiences they tend to expect a presentation from a trainer in order to gain the skills that were outlined in the course objectives that were listed for that class.

But what if there was no PowerPoint presentation or training manual at your next training experience? What if you attended a class where the “students” did most of the talking? Would you gain as much knowledge as a class that had a single instructor who was leading you through a pre-designed learning experience?

Roundtable style learning has been a popular benefit to EANE members for years, with subject-specific roundtable learning groups to discuss Workplace Safety or Business Finance and wider themed groups that meet to discuss a range of Human Resource topics. Facilitators initiate the topical conversations and then the participants learn from one another. This relaxed conversational approach to dissecting critical operations of a business and best-practices for workforce development has been met with positive experiences and feedback from our participants.

One EANE roundtable participant recently told us “I leave the roundtable meetings feeling confident and inspired. The supportive environment lets me learn how my peers are managing the same challenges that I am faced with, and they all seem to appreciate what I bring to the table too!”

Bringing Roundtable Learning To Leaders

With the popularity that we’ve seen in our stand-alone roundtables, EANE decided that it was time to incorporate the roundtable learning experience into our 2020 Leadership Conference. Great leaders rarely achieve their success without guidance from peers, mentors and even their own support teams. Networking with other leaders and aspiring leaders has always been one of the great benefits of participating in EANE’s Leadership Conference, but this year – we’re taking the networking one step further.

There are two break-out sessions on the 2020 Leadership Conference agenda that will be roundtable-style conversations instead of the learning presentations that participants can expect from the other sessions. While all of the sessions will include audience participation, the Shoptalk Roundtable session and the Upskilling Roundtable breakout are intended to help leaders in attendance learn from one another.

If you are a leader (or know a leader) who gains energy and ideas from brainstorming with others, then these sessions need to be a part of your plan for Wednesday, April 8th at the 2020 Leadership Conference. Register before the early bird price ends on March 8.