HR YOUniversity: Exciting Learning Opportunities Ahead | Discover Our New Training Programs!

We are excited to announce a significant expansion to the HR programs we are offering members in 2024. The launch of EANE’s HR YOUniversity will include several new learning and development programs designed to empower and upskill HR professionals and their workplace teams.

Our Exceptional Workplace Webinar Series leads off in February with ‘Using AI Productively’, followed by ‘Recruiting the 2024 Workforce’ in March and ‘The State of Hybrid Workforces – One Year Later’ in April. Our goal is to bring you 60 minutes of education and inspiration to inform you about critical hot topics and help you make your jobs easier!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve everyday and HR professionals need to understand how to use it effectively as a tool to elevate their organizations. Mark Adams, our Director of Compliance, will highlight all of the relevant features and show you how to optimize this dynamic application in your workplace. Recruitment continues to be the number one obstacle for human resources and management as we answer the Hotline calls from our members. Inga Hotaling, our Senior Recruiter and a veteran in the industry, will be joined by Kevin Joly, our Member Services HR Coordinator to discuss recruitment trends and the ways that employers are getting creative to fill their open roles. Sandi Mauro, one of our HR Business Partners, will examine the debate of hybrid work and the return to the workplace dilemma; talking through solutions for HR on how to re-engage the workforce in these unprecedented times.

Performance management remains a significant challenge for managers in 2024, much like it has been in the past. The evolving dynamics of the workplace, driven by technological advancements, changing employee expectations, and the ongoing impact of global events, contribute to this challenge. EANE has two programs to help you assist your managers through these obstacles. ‘Performance Management: Leading with Purpose’ is a reboot for your managers to understand the impact of their influence and give them the tools to effectively manage employee development. Additionally, ‘Designing and Implementing a Performance Review Process’ is a workshop to design, develop and implement a performance review process specifically created for HR professionals in mind. This program will provide you with a toolkit that will ensure you have all the elements needed to execute your performance review implementation plan in your organization.

Finally, EANE’s Talent Strategy Transformation Workshop is a 3-part virtual series designed with a focus on Branding, Recruiting, Onboarding and Retention strategies to help your organization be successful in recruiting and retaining top talent. This workshop will be beneficial to human resources, managers and supervisors alike, and all of the ambassadors in the organization that are responsible for talent acquisition and development. This is just a sneak peek of what is to come in 2024. Check out EANE’s full schedule of Learning and Development programs here: We are looking forward to you joining us on this journey of professional excellence!