Would DOL and IRS find Compliance in Your Records?

Have you received that dreaded phone all or letter from the Department of Labor or the IRS? If you’re unprepared for a visit from either (or both) of these government agencies your organization could be facing significant fines. We are all operating under the confines of a heavily regulated employment environment and compliance is fundamental to the ongoing success of every organization.

When is the last time that you reviewed records to ensure accuracy and completion? Are you still storing files that could have been purged years ago? Do you even know which documentation you can purge? EANE members can access several helpful resources in the My EANE section of the website (with special login access.) There, you can find resources such as:

These are a helpful starting point to make sure that your records include what DOL or IRS might be searching for if your organization comes under review. Depending on how many employees you have on staff, the review of these records could take weeks.

EANE Human Resource audits offer an objective and comprehensive review of your HR policies, procedures and practices. An audit will help identify whether specific practice areas or processes are compliant. If gaps are identified by our Certified HR professionals, we will help your organization prioritize the necessary changes to minimize risk and increase efficiency!

Our popular HR Audit Services Include:

  • HR Audit
  • FLSA Audit
  • I-9 Audit
  • Pay Equity Audit
  • Safety Audit

In the process of helping you clean up your records, we will even identify the policies that you will need to update in your employee handbook so that you can avoid potential risks associated with non-compliance. You can leverage our experience in identifying the inconsistencies that DOL & IRS are looking for when they review your records. Call us today to learn about how these audit services can improve efficiency and reduce risk in your organization.