Contrary to popular belief, affirmative action is alive and well.

In fact, for covered federal contractors and subcontractors, there is more oversight than ever before to ensure that affirmative action plans are put into place.

This program provides a top to bottom examination of what needs to be covered in your affirmative action plan (including but not limited to the required reports), your responsibilities in how to maintain your plan and its impact to your HR function, as well as address current oversight initiatives such as the contractor portal certification process.

Who Should Attend

HR professional or other professionals responsible for developing and implementing affirmative action plans for their organization

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and determine if the organization is required to develop maintain an affirmative action plan
  • Understand and explain the required narrative and statistical sections that need to be covered in an affirmative action plan
  • Identify what internal data needs to be collected and maintained in order to compile the necessary reports for affirmative action plan purposes
  • Understand and explain how the federal government enforces and audits companies for compliance and the range of penalties available where non-compliance is found
  • Identify the common pitfalls that can trigger findings of non-compliance