Southern New England Compensation Survey {Discontinued}
EANE has transitioned away from our traditional Southern New England Compensation Survey to our new compensation platform, EANE Peer. Last year we partnered with Payscale to provide our members with a state-of-the-art survey collection tool. This tool collects data, and allows subscribers to view and download real-time reports with pay information that is constantly updated. 

Instead of our traditional Southern New England Compensation Survey being run in 2024, organizations will have the opportunity to participate in EANE Peer for current regional and national compensation data. The new EANE Peer platform allows for unlimited compensation reports, data downloaded as pdfs and Excel files, regional and national data being refreshed daily, custom filtering, direct competitor comparisons, and more!

Members who submit data and choose not to upgrade to the EANE Peer platform will receive this year’s regional pay survey data in an Excel report format. EANE Peer subscribers will have access to the robust platform throughout the year.

Learn more about the EANE Peer platform and how you can participate so you can reap the benefits of on demand survey data.

Who Should Attend

Human Resource professionals, finance professionals or others involved with, or responsible for the development of compensation plan design within their organization.

Registration Fee