This training is one portion of a multi-session series. Please contact our Learning & Development team to inquire about possible dates and locations that would present the opportunity to participate in this module of the larger Principles of Leadership Series.

Through the use of the DISC Assessment Tool, you’ll gain an understanding of the impact of your preferred work style on the way you communicate with individuals and your team. Improve overall performance by increasing your ability to motivate team members using a style that engages them individually. Reflect on your own DISC assessment results to identify strategies for capitalizing on your strengths and interact more effectively with styles that are different than your own.

Who Should Attend

Front line leaders, supervisors and managers

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what motivates and stresses you at work
  • Learn how to adapt your style to other co-worker’s styles to improve communication and performance
  • Create a development plan for one of your direct reports

Registration Fee

EANE MEMBERS | $280 Per person

FUTURE MEMBERS | $350 Per person