Being able to give clear, specific feedback that leads to a change in behavior or an improvement in performance is a critical skill for managers to have in today’s work environment. However, many managers lack the mindset, skills and time necessary to provide constructive feedback that allows their employees to improve and grow.

In this learning event designed for managers and supervisors, you will learn the art of providing productive feedback that encourages and empowers employees to change, grow and develop. Learn techniques for overcoming mindsets that prevent them from sharing feedback with their employees and why fostering a culture of feedback is important to their organization. Leave with effective strategies for delivering feedback that is constructive, not destructive, and leverages the employees’ strengths to improve developmental areas.

Who Should Attend

Front line leaders, supervisors and managers

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize what stops you from sharing feedback and find tools to move beyond that
  • Discover ways to include the employee in the feedback process
  • Understand the impact that providing effective feedback will have on your team

Registration Fee

EANE MEMBERS | $180 Per person

FUTURE MEMBERS | $225 Per person