Could your organization use additional funds to stretch your employee training budget? Let us show you how The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund can help!  If you need help funding your training initiatives and would like to learn more about how to obtain these funds, attend one of EANE’s FREE informational briefings.

Companies in Massachusetts that contribute to the Workforce Training Fund are eligible. All for-profits contribute. If you are a non-profit that uses the contributory method to finance unemployment insurance then you’re eligible as well.

These FREE briefings will provide an introduction to the Workforce Training Fund, including:

General Fund – Grants for customized training up to $250,000

Express Fund – Up to $30,000 for ‘off-the-shelf’ trainings

You’ll Learn:

  • Who is eligible for training grants
  • How to apply for a training grant
  • What assistance is available to help you through the process

The Employers Association of the NorthEast is helping organizations throughout our service area with the FUNDING and DELIVERY of their workforce training programs under State and Federal Workforce Training Grant programs.

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