Successful organizations need professionals who are capable of effectively guiding change and achieving organizational goals. In this three-day program, you will learn about the practice of organization development (OD), define your role as an OD practitioner, and apply OD principles and techniques to improve performance in the workplace. Within a framework of tested theory and models, this program focuses on practical application that will improve outcomes for employers and employees.

Prepare to effectively apply OD principles, and support your organization’s success as a valued business partner. MRA’s OD Certificate distinguishes you among your peers, improving your career opportunities and competitive advantage.

What is Organizational Development?

  • The professional field that applies behavioral science knowledge and practices to help organizations achieve success
  • Plans organization-wide efforts to increase an organization’s effectiveness and viability
  • A comprehensive approach that addresses the overall health of an organization
  • Designs a process that responds to or initiates change in an organization’s culture and removes obstacles to increase effectiveness and success in achieving desired outcomes
  • A unique blend of art and science.

Who Should Attend

OD, HR, and key business and operational leaders responsible for leading change and improving organizational performance

Learning Objectives

  • Expand your current knowledge of OD principles and practices
  • Define the knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities of an effective OD practitioner
  • Develop your skills to become an effective OD practitioner who is able to lead change and increase organizational functioning
  • Apply OD practices to solve specific problems and enhance performance at the individual, group, and organization-wide level
  • Connect OD initiatives to business results.

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FUTURE MEMBERS | This series is only available to participants from EANE member organizations.

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