We all know that eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising help us to cope with stress, but who has time for that? The continuous demands of our jobs, hectic schedules and everyday lives keep us on the stress hamster wheel. We try to suppress the stress to make it through another day and tell ourselves we’ll deal with it later. But then later comes and it’s the same story. Our health, relationships and sanity suffer because, instead of effectively dealing with our stress, we continue to try to power through it.

In this interactive workshop we will review techniques that help leaders effectively and mindfully navigate the stress of our everyday lives. Learners will leave with tools to help acknowledge their stress and decompress in the moment so they can regain focus, balance, and momentum to move forward more quickly and consciously.

Who Should Attend

Individual contributors, supervisors, managers and leaders

Learning Objectives

  • Identify internal and external activators of stress and the impact of each
  • Distinguish between productive and unproductive stress
  • Explain what stress does to our well-being when not effectively managed
  • Share a minimum of 3 methods to utilize stress effectively
  • Apply the ABCs of dealing with stress mindfully
  • Effectively demonstrate how to cognitively reframe negative mindsets
  • Select a minimum of 3 techniques to mindfully deal with stress in-the-moment
  • Create a personal short and long-term plan that helps one to better manage stress

Registration Fee

EANE MEMBERS | $312 Per person

FUTURE MEMBERS | $390 Per person

HRCI & SHRM® Credits: 6.5