On-Site Training

Our on-site training programs offer a tailored approach at your company’s location on your timetable. Organizations find value in ensuring that employees are exposed to the same content at the same time or throughout the year. Our on-site training often generates additional intangible benefits such as enhanced team-building and problem-solving as well as breaking down barriers between groups and individuals.

We work with you and your company to understand your most compelling training needs along with key compliance areas that impact your workplace. We design a specific learning-and-development agenda to meet your needs and align with your business goals and practices. We provide the corresponding workbook materials and create action plans for follow-up to maximize the long-term effectiveness.

Our most popular on-site training classes include:

  • Principles of Leadership Certificate Series for Front-line Supervisors
  • Advanced Leadership Series
  • Team Building
  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training
  • Creating Workplace Respect
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Time Mastery
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management

Here's how we work with your organization:

Step 1. Training Analysis: We will meet with you to discuss your behavioral objectives, skill and knowledge requirements and desired business outcomes. In addition, we can conduct a Training Needs Assessment based on your identified competencies.

Step 2. Program Development: EANE will send a written proposal summarizing the discussion and outlining the training content and methods that will best address your needs.

Step 3. Process to Ensure Training ROI: A pre-work assignment will be sent via e-mail to the participant of the training and his/her direct supervisor/manager. The pre-work questionnaire provides an outline of the expectations of both the participant and manager. A developmental plan is also included to ensure the skills are applied to the work environment.

Step 4. Program Implementation: An EANE training specialist conducts the programs for your employees incorporating interactive training techniques. This straightforward "hands-on" approach facilitates learning by using interactive presentations, individual exercises, case studies, self assessments, small group discussions, skills practice sessions and role plays.

Step 5. Follow-Up Evaluation: EANE sends you copies of the evaluations as well as a report with follow up suggestions from the program leader to ensure the training has an impact on short-term training objectives and your long-term strategic direction.


For more information, contact John Henderson at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at jhenderson@EANE.org.

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