Dealing with Unions in 2024


Topic: Dealing with Unions in 2024 The National Labor Relations Board enacted sweeping procedural changes and handed down key decisions towards the end of 2023 that have laid the groundwork […]

Project Management | A Blueprint For Success (Virtual)


Project Management is the practice of applying general management skills and supporting disciplines to organize and deploy resources in a way that effectively accomplishes project objectives. The techniques presented in […]


Self-Awareness & Adaptability (Virtual)


Understanding how we work with others and how others perceive us, makes us more effective in our jobs. Through this highly interactive program, you’ll learn about your own communication style, […]

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Ethics in the Workplace (Virtual)


This interactive class will explore five commonly asked, but difficult to answer questions about ethics in the workplace. Participants will also analyze four case studies involving ethical decisions in business […]

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HR Training Showcase


Join us for our HR Training Showcase as we present key information from our “Leave Management Playbook” and “Documentation Skills for the Supervisor” trainings. This session will give participants some […]

Communication Skills for Leaders (Pittsfield, MA)

18 Degrees 480 West. st., Pittsfield, MA, United States

Giving clear directions, practicing active listening skills and using non-defensive communication techniques improves leadership effectiveness. Through interactive discussions and use of real-life situations, you’ll practice communication strategies and when to […]

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aPHR Test Prep (Virtual)


This virtual two half-day sessions will help prepare participants to successfully pass the aPHR exam. Exam taking tips, practice questions, and study materials will be provided. Virtual Classroom Tuesdays, August […]

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Microsoft Office Excel | Level 2 (Virtual)


Build on the Excel® skills you developed in Level 1 or increase your mastery of Excel® in this Level 2, one day workshop. Calculate Data with Advanced Formulas; Organize Worksheet and Table Data […]

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