One thing the pandemic has shown us, recruiting is challenging for all organizations and many organizations are dealing with the “great resignation” as a result. Many recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers are finding it difficult to attract great talent, and even more so, enticing them to work for their organizations and even retain them.

This workshop, based on leading best practices, will help you build an effective recruiting plan, provide you with practical tips on diversity recruiting, virtual recruiting, how to counter the great resignation and ways to tap into our unconscious bias when hiring. Additionally, this workshop will cover the part that occurs after hiring – onboarding. From reviewing proven methodologies and best practices, along with examining case studies and scenarios, participants will develop a set of strategies that are not only cost effective but efficient in hiring and retaining the best talent.

Participants will also have an opportunity to assess their current recruiting, hiring and onboarding practices and will develop an action plan to apply their workshop learnings. They will also leave with a set of tools to help them implement these best practices into their workplace.

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, managers, supervisors and leaders who participate in the hiring process

Learning Objectives

  • Determine ways to attract & retain the best talent Understand the importance of diversity recruiting and learn various successful strategies to recruit diversely
  • Understand the wave of the future with virtual recruiting and making sure it’s successful for their organization
  • Identify how unconscious bias affects how we make hiring decisions and ways to reduce our biases
  • Create an onboarding strategy that will retain their talent and set them up for a successful employment journey

Registration Fee

EANE MEMBERS | $280 Per person

FUTURE MEMBERS | $350 Per person

Register 3 or more participants at the same time for the same class and save 10%