Thinking about succession planning, executive development or ways to engage your leadership pipeline?  360’s help to focus development plans for your leadership team. 360’ feedback surveys allow participants to gain ”full-view” feedback on their competencies, behaviors and skills from multiple individuals that know and work with them. 360’ feedback provides insights that encourages self-awareness, stimulates development, and leads to greater performance and career success.

Not just with the things that might matter in a person’s current role, but also showing hidden strength and uncovering blind spots with useful information the participant can use to determine how they want to develop for the future.

We use the Korn Ferry 360 tool, underpinned by Korn Ferry Leadership Architect the world’s most robust competency model, to surface richer and more actionable insights than other self-assessment tools.

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Benefits to Participants

  • Builds self-awareness. 
  • Answers “What is my brand?” and “How am I doing on things that matter?”
  • Provides useful and relevant information to plan their development.
  • Obtain rare feedback from people who work with them in different ways

Benefits to Organizations

  • Supports the growth and development of leaders within the organization.
  • Identifies group themes of strengths and development areas.
  • Facilitates organizational change.
  • Supports talent management processes.
  • Provides tangible data in the aggregate that can be used to base leadership development programs.

Who is a good 360’Candidate?

  • High potentials
  • Those who have moved into a “Leader of Leaders” role
  • Direct reports of the C-Suite
  • Pipeline leadership in the organization
  • C-Suite

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