As an employer, you know all-too-well that replacing an employee costs time and money. Not only may the workload increase for the rest of your team. According to Gallup, replacing an employee can cost up to five times that person’s salary. With so much on the line, it’s important to invest time and effort into building trust with your employees.

EANE’s HR professionals conduct stay interviews with your workforce in its’ entirety or just specific employees you select. These interviews are designed to help employers keep a pulse on employee satisfaction – or dissatisfaction – before it’s too late.

Unlike performance reviews, stay interviews are not meant to discuss the performance of the employee. Stay interviews are a powerful talent management tool designed to assess engagement levels of employees and to help identify potential problems that could start an employee on their job hunt. At EANE, we ask the right questions and help you act upon the information we gain from these interviews.

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