Organizations have an easier time recruiting and retaining top talent when they create an environment where all people feel respected and safe to be their authentic selves. Recent studies have found that increasing the diversity of staff leads to more innovation and improved financial performance. At EANE, our experienced HR and Learning & Development professionals can work with your organization to develop a customized Diversity & Inclusion plan. Developing the plan may include:

  • Gathering data on your current workforce
  • Examining barriers and practices that affect diversity
  • Understanding the need to create an inclusive environment
  • Creating a communication strategy for company-wide support of the initiatives
  • Implementation of the plan
  • Designing methods to evaluate the success of your plan

When people feel safe and valued in their workplace they are more productive and engaged. Review our Culture of Respect self-assessment questions to see where your organization has room for development.

Let’s promote diversity and inclusion in your organization together. Contact us today to get started!