Today’s employees expect to be heard and want to be involved. Companies can effectively listen to employees and involve them in shaping the success of their organizations through EANE’s Employee Engagement Surveys.

Whether your company is trying to improve communication between individuals and teams, gauge morale after a merger or downsizing, or obtain feedback on programs and policies, our customized Employee Engagement Surveys gather employee feedback via a core set of questions, options for narrative responses and special areas of focus.

With dozens of years of experience designing, administering and analyzing Employee Engagement Surveys, EANE provides support services far beyond that of other employee opinion survey providers, ensuring that your organization gets the best possible return on investment. We know the questions to ask, how to analyze the answers and most importantly, how to advise you on a course of action. As a highly-qualified third party administrator, we bring credibility to the process and ensure confidentiality of employee responses.

We will work very closely with you throughout the process, including:

  • Customized Survey Design
  • Survey Administration (whether in paper or online)
  • Employee Communications
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Analyzing Survey Results
    • Management Debriefs
    • Follow-up and Action Planning

Additionally, EANE provides ongoing consulting to support your post-survey follow-up, including focus groups, identification of priorities, facilitated discussions with leadership teams, coaching, etc.

Let’s create the framework for your success together. Contact us today to get started!