Respect in the workplace is fundamental for an organization’s success.– An environment that values diversity, inclusivity, civility, equality and authenticity increases employee engagement and retention and contributes to a positive reputation as an employer of choice. Now, more than ever is the time to examine your organization’s culture to determine what you are doing well and where there may be areas of improvement.

Maintaining a culture of respect also can add complexity to recruiting and hiring practices, internal communications, and policies. Let EANE help make this complex challenge a bit easier.

Does Your Organization Foster a Culture of Respect?

Do all levels of management listen to employee concerns and provide feedback?
Do all employees feel valued?
Do all employees feel comfortable bringing concerns to HR or management’s attention?
Does your work environment encourage the open & free expression of ideas, opinions and beliefs?
Are jokes, email content, social media posts, remarks targeted at a person or group of people tolerated?
Are respect and culture based learning opportunities available to all employees?
Are performance measures viewed as consistent and fair?
Do employees understand how their compensation is determined?
Are employee conflicts addressed in a professional, respectful and effective manner?

Now that you’ve answered these questions from your viewpoint, consider if most employees in your organization would share the same responses.

Let EANE help you reach the workplace respect answers you need to grow your business with a healthy workplace! Complete our Culture of Respect Consultation Request Form to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with a member of the professional staff at EANE.

Resources to Strengthen Your Workplace’s Culture Of Respect