In today’s business climate, it is critical for employers to establish and maintain a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. 

Companies who have trained their managers on workplace harassment awareness and have also established anti-harassment and discrimination policies may think that they’ve done enough to reduce their risk. However, it is equally as important to train your employees to be sensitive about their own behaviors, comments, gestures, or mannerisms that may be construed as harassment or creating a hostile work environment and also understand how they can intervene as bystanders when confronting discrimination and harassment situations.

EANE’s Approach to Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

We offer successful Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training class for both employees and supervisors. Participants that complete our courses will be able to:

  • Recognize discrimination and harassment
  • Understand impact the of the #metoo movement from current EEOC statistics and case studies
  • Know what to do if they are a target or witness to harassment
  • Act within the boundaries of respectful workplace behaviors

The aim of Harassment & Discrimination Prevention training is to encourage mutual understanding, sensitivity and respect among employees while limiting the potential for expensive charges of discrimination or harassment.

Investigating Harassment & Discrimination Claims

Employers are responsible for conducting a thorough and prompt investigation into complaints of misconduct, discrimination, harassment and violence in order to properly identify, address and prevent recurrence of these problems.

EANE can provide an impartial third party. Our investigation services are conducted by skilled and experienced HR Professionals.

The true cost of harassment is more than legal fees. Harassment causes low morale, decreased productivity, increased turnover and reputational harm. To eliminate harassment in the workplace, employers must take proactive steps toward prevention.

Harassment Prevention Training

Whether you need to train your managers and supervisors, individual contributors, new hires or even remote workers, EANE offers training options that will influence a positive culture and reduce risk.

Contact us today to learn more about our investigation services or the training classes we can provide to avoid harassment and discrimination in your workplace!