EANE partners with Payscale to give our members access to EANE Peer, a robust, easy-to-use self-service data tool. This on-line compensation platform contains data on 5000 benchmark positions that span all industries, departments and levels. In addition to the reports our team runs, members can filter data on-demand to answer their most pressing questions.

This platform is the tool EANE is using to collect data for our Regional Pay Survey. Organizations that upgrade will have year-round access to all the EANE member and Payscale client data.

Click on the image below for a video introduction to the platform.

Top Features of EANE Peer include:

  • Real time data, constantly updated, so you can make decisions with current information
  • Comprehensive, validated regional and national data from both EANE members and Payscale clients
  • Custom industry filters
  • Direct competitor comparisons (requires 5 or more organizations to be selected to create a comparable average)
  • Unlimited compensation reports which can be downloaded as pdfs or Excel files
  • Unlimited data cuts
  • Easy participation after first-year set up (update via Excel, Payscale, or link to your payroll/HRIS)
  • And more!