Employers are responsible for conducting a thorough and prompt investigation into complaints of misconduct, discrimination, harassment and violence in order to properly identify, address and prevent recurrence of these problems. However, HR professionals often don’t have the bandwidth or resources they need to conduct time-sensitive investigations. When dealing with a potentially costly employee situation, it can be more effective to use a neutral third party to conduct the investigation.

When friction between individuals becomes more than just dislike and the workplace is being affected, action is required. EANE can provide an impartial third party, trained in dispute resolution techniques and knowledgeable in handling workplace conflict.

Conflict Resolution may be appropriate when:

  • Work has suffered and other employees are affected
  • The manager has talked with the parties several times and the situation has not improved or has deteriorated
  • The problem has affected morale throughout the team or department
  • The problem has risen to a level in which employees are leaving or may leave
  • It’s apparent that you will need to terminate one or both employees if the problem isn’t resolved

Our Conflict Resolution and Investigation services are conducted by skilled and experienced HR Professionals. We will work with you to identify the issues, define the scope of the project and develop an approach that is thorough and unbiased.

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