A competitive benefits package can set your organization apart from the competition when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. State and federally mandated benefits are constantly evolving and it can become confusing when the regulations with one benefit seem to contradict the regulations of another. (For example, we field SEVERAL calls about the overlap between the regulations of Workers Compensation and FMLA leave.)  

Rely on the expertise of our certified HR professionals to ensure that your organization is applying the best practices for implementation and tracking of the mandated benefits and the supplemental benefits that you’ve elected to provide to your employees. Setting an organized system and knowing the rules will help your organization avoid costly noncompliance fees. Proper oversight of employee benefits will not only keep you out of hot water, but it will also increase the trust that your present and future employees have in your organization. Our certified HR professionals will audit your benefits compliance practices and work with you to design and maintain a tracking system that will leverage today’s best practices.

Ensure benefits compliance in your organization with our help. Contact us today to learn more!