The new world of employee wellness is a daunting one. As we embark on another year of uncertainty, the emotional toll that the pandemic has taken on all of us will linger and continue to seep into our workplaces. As a result of this continued surge of anxiety, depression, financial stress, pandemic pressure, childcare issues and more – employers are looking for ways to offer support, encouragement and resources. The companies that provide these resources will lead the way when it comes to higher employee engagement, greater productivity and less turnover. Join us for this 75-minute webinar where we will:

  • Review why creating a wellness plan is critical to the success of your business
  • Discuss the specific types of mental health and wellness support options that you can offer your team
  • Participate in a short breathing exercise – A tool you can carry forward!
  • Learn about some tips for creating wellness program for companies of all sizes and budgets

Our special guests for this webinar will be Paula Hamilton and Kelly Ravenscroft from Coastline EAP. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A and idea sharing.

Registration Fee


FUTURE EANE MEMBERS | $25 per person