See FREE Training for your Employees | MA Workforce Training Grant Briefing

The Massachusetts Commonwealth Corporation announced that effective September 1, 2020, any size company that contributes to Workforce Training Fund Program is eligible for Express Funds to cover training expenses. (The Express Program was previously only available to small businesses with 100 or fewer employees.)

The Express Program provides 50% reimbursement for the cost of training with a limit of $3000 per employee per course and a yearly limit of $30,000 per company. Organizations with 100 or fewer employees receive 100% reimbursement (with the same employee and organizational caps).

All for-profit companies in MA pay into the fund and some non-profits do as well.  Nonprofit organizations that select the “contributory method” for unemployment are paying into the WTFP and are therefore eligible to apply. Those that select the “reimbursable method” are paying a discounted rate that does not include contribution to the WTFP and therefore are not eligible to apply.

All companies must be pre-approved before seeking reimbursement.  In this free 45-minute webinar EANE’s membership team will guide you through the approval process so that you can stretch your staff development budget.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the MA Express Program and how to apply
  • Discover all of EANE’s training courses that are available through the program
  • Hear the top 3 reasons you MUST invest in training for your employees this year

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