For the implementation of our 2023 Southern New England Compensation Survey (and beyond), we are excited to announce that EANE has partnered with Payscale!

Our decision to change partners and process is based on providing you with a more varied, robust and dynamic way to evaluate your compensation practices. This change will provide you with the ability to benchmark your data now, and throughout the year. The Peer Platform will provide you with access to compensation data that does not get outdated over time (including access to a greater population of regional and national data beyond EANE’s members) and the ability to create customized data cuts that better reflect your organization.

Knowing that some of our members may not want access to this database on a year-round basis, EANE will still produce a static 2023 Southern New England Wage and Salary Survey Report.

Participation in the survey is easy:

  1. Download the data collection spreadsheet – CLICK HERE
  2. After completing the spreadsheet, email it to Meg Coursey ([email protected]). EANE will upload your data into the Peer Platform for you. Submit your data no later than June 9, 2023.