HR Partner

HR Partner offers immediate, affordable solutions to our members and non-member companies’ HR staffing challenges and, ultimately, increases productivity. As a trusted resource, EANE professionals fill in during transitions or step up to help with temporary overflow from critical events such as leaves of absence, onboarding, acquisitions, business growth, reorganizations or downsizing. We help members jump-start their HR functions, develop or enhance their infrastructure, and establish an HR presence. We provide a seamless presence in your workplace with little or no disruption to your programs and policies, staff or management.

Seven Successful HR Partner Solutions

  • Our EANE team worked with a 100-person manufacturing company in Massachusetts to collectively determine the need for a new HR leader. We assisted with the transition of a high-level HR person, managing every step of the process and filling the position with an interim, pre-interviewed candidate the same day. We undertook a comprehensive audit of the HR function to rectify any infrastructure weak spots that might lead to legal liability and, ultimately, enhanced not only the HR function but the confidence in the company. 
  • Working with a new leadership team and a Board of Directors for a growing Massachusetts-based membership organization devoted to higher education, EANE completed a top-to-bottom assessment to address the non-profit's concerns with possible inefficiencies in its HR process and beyond. The end-result was a new direct and streamlined strategic plan which was adopted by the leadership and the Board as a blueprint to thrive and grow.
  • For a Rhode Island-based non-profit in the healthcare industry, the EANE team facilitated root-cause analysis and problem resolution designed to increase the level of effective communication and teamwork among senior leadership. The collaborative process positioned the organization to remain dedicated to its critical mission moving forward.
  • A multi-location financial institution in Massachusetts sought to improve efficiencies and eliminate duplicative HR processes. With a goal toward a more productive use of resources and an enhanced commitment to customer service, EANE provided an independent review and mapped current HR functions. Ultimately, the EANE team made recommendations for system advancements and enhancements to service delivery. The result was a major time-savings in critical processes without adding to the HR team headcount.
  • EANE performed the HR due diligence for a Connecticut holding company during its acquisition of another company. Post-acquisition, the EANE team designed, negotiated and implemented a comprehensive benefit package and HR infrastructure for the newly acquired operation, supporting critical talent retention and operational stability during an unsettling time of change.
  • As the outsourced HR function for small businesses including a pediatric practice with multiple offices and growing city-based art museum, EANE provided the full spectrum of HR services including employee handbooks, recruitment, payroll and benefit administration and employee relations management. 
  • The professionals at EANE jumped in to assist a recently acquired Connecticut manufacturer in the food industry with the effective and timely migration of 150+ employees to a comprehensive, new benefit package. 

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