Each month EANE will invite members to contribute their own responses to a 2 minute survey so we can share meaningful information with our fellow members and keep growing the success of our organizations and our people!

January 2023 Survey

Do you use an external vendor for employee complaint reporting?

December 2022 Survey

Are you considering moving to a 4-day workweek for your organization?

November 2022 Survey

Do you feel that any of your personality traits have changed since the COVID pandemic?

October 2022 Survey

Does your organization publish pay ranges in job postings?

September 2022 Survey

Does your organization offer fun activities for employees on a regular basis?

August 2022 Survey

Do you talk with employees about career planning?

July 2022 Survey

Is your organization doing anything to help employees with gas costs?

Survey results will be shared with EANE members in the middle of the month and in the following month’s member e-newsletter.

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